White-and-Orange-Tipped Nudibranch

Antiopella fusca

Summary 5

Antiopella fusca is a species of sea slug, or more accurately a nudibranch, a marine opisthobranch gastropod mollusk, in the family Proctonotidae.

Description 5

The bodies of nudibranchs in this species are semi-translucent. The body is covered in short cerata. In Antiopella fusca the cerata are orange and white tipped.

Distribution 5

The species Antiopella fusca is found from the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska to central California and also in northern Japan.

Habitat 6

This species of nudibranch is found in shallow and subtidal waters.

Life habits 5

Antiopella species feed on Bryozoa.

Predators 5

In California, Navanax is a known predator of Antiopella. Navanax tracks the slime of Antiopella by using chemoreceptors. When Antiopella is about to be caught, it rolls into a ball, leaving its cerata exposed. If there is a water current, as if often the case, the sea slug may then be passively rolled away from the predator.

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