Mediterranean House Gecko

Hemidactylus turcicus

Summary 5

The Mediterranean house gecko, scientific name Hemidactylus turcicus (not to be confused with the Asian species Hemidactylus frenatus known as Common House Gecko) is a small gecko common to the Mediterranean which has spread to many parts of the world. It is also commonly referred to as the Turkish Gecko as represented in its Latin name. They are insectivorous, rarely exceeding 15 centimetres (5.9 in) in length, have large, lidless eyes with elliptical pupils, and yellow- or...

Description 6

A medium-sized gecko, with maximum recorded SVL of 56 mm. Limbs moderately long. Nostril bordered by rostral, 3 nasals and the first upper labial (in 100% of cases), upper nasals mostly not in contact (in 94% of cases). 8-11 supralabials and 6-9 infralabials.Two pairs of postmentals present, length of suture between the anterior pair is shorter than the mental. 34-46 gulars. Dorsal tubercles large and strongly keeled. 32-42 ventrals across mid-abdomen. Tail slender, with dorsal tubercles extending almost to the tail tip; transverse row of 6 tubercles reach between 3-10 segments (n=17); sub-caudals laterally expanded along the medial line. Digital pads moderately expanded; 6-8 lamellae under first toe, 9-11 under fourth toe. Basic dorsal coloration pinkish gray, translucent, with dark spots that form 4-5 irregular alternating, transverse bands. Transverse bands often assume an 'X' shape, especially in young specimens. Tail with dark (10-13) and light bands, which increase in contrast distally, being black and white along its terminal portion, usually in young specimens only.

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