Razor-backed Musk Turtle

Sternotherus carinatus

Summary 6

The razor-backed musk turtle, Sternotherus carinatus, is a species of turtles native to the southern United States. No subspecies are recognized.

Summary 7

Sternotherus carinatus (Family Kinosternidae) is a poorly-known species by the standards of the North American chelonian literature. It inhabits medium to large streams and associated aquatic habitats in portions of six states of the south-central USA. Little note has been made of the species being a conservation concern, and indeed, it appears abundant and stable in parts of its range. Further studies on abundance in different types of habitats, response to river impoundments, and the demographic impact of collection for the pet trade are necessary to determine whether there is a need for conservation actions regarding this species. A study of interdrainage genetic variation would also be useful for the conservation of this species.

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