Pond Slider

Trachemys scripta

Summary 6

Trachemys scripta, better known as the pond slider, is a common, medium-sized semi-aquatic turtle. There are three subspecies of sliders. The most recognizable subspecies is the red-eared slider (T. s. elegans), which is popular in the pet trade. This subspecies has been introduced to other parts of the world by people releasing it to the wild. Slider hatchlings have a green shell (carapace) and skin with yellow green and dark green striped markings. Markings and colors...

Description 7

A small turtle, with carapace length of up to 300 mm. Carapace moderately depressed, slightly elongate, smooth, with a weak mid-dorsal ridge; posterior edge with moderate indentations. Plastron flat. Head moderate, snout elongate. All limbs with 5 claws, partly webbed. Males smaller than females, with long claws on fore-limb and longer tail. Color of carapace and dorsal sides of limbs and head dark green with numerous yellow stripes; a short, broad, red stripe behind each eye. Ventral sides yellow, with a pattern of dark green lines and spots.

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