River Cooter

Pseudemys concinna

Summary 7

The river cooter (Pseudemys concinna) is a freshwater turtle native to the central and eastern United States, from Virginia south to mid-Georgia, west to eastern Texas, Oklahoma, and north to southern Indiana. They are usually found in rivers with moderate current, as well as lakes and tidal marshes.

Summary 8

Pseudemys concinna (Family Emydidae) is a large, riverine turtle that occurs in relatively dense populations throughout the eastern and southern parts of the United States. Currently generally recognized subspecies include P. c. concinna and P. c. suwanniensis. Studies of diet, reproduction, and population demography have focused chiefly on Florida populations. There is little reason to be concerned about the species’ survival, although no definitive studies have been conducted to establish population dynamics or statistics across its entire distribution. Further study is necessary to determine whether specific protective measures beyond those already in place in some states are needed.

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