5085 thumb Selected Invasive Plants of Alaska

"When trying to identify an unknown plant, color photos often help.[] Non-native invasive plants displace native vegetation, degrade wildlife habitat, and negatively affect human health, the economy, and the environment. Factors such as geographic isolation and harsh winters have ...more ↓

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bull thistle 1
Cirsium vulgare
ox-eye daisy 2
Leucanthemum vulgare
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Fox-and-cubs 3
Hieracium aurantiacum
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spotted knapweed 4
Centaurea stoebe micranthos
meadow hawkweed 5
Hieracium caespitosum
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Creeping Thistle 6
Cirsium arvense
Mouse-ear Hawkweed 7
Pilosella officinarum
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false dandelion 7
Hypochaeris radicata
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Canada Hawkweed 9
Hieracium umbellatum
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Tansy 10
Tanacetum vulgare
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yellow salsify 11
Tragopogon dubius
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Perennial Sow Thistle 12
Sonchus arvensis
Japanese knotweed 13
Fallopia japonica
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Common Sowthistle 14
Sonchus oleraceus
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White Sweet Clover 15
Melilotus albus
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yellow sweet clover 15
Melilotus officinalis
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garlic mustard 16
Alliaria petiolata
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tufted vetch 17
Vicia cracca
hairy vetch 18
Vicia villosa
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Scots Broom 19
Cytisus scoparius
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Common Toadflax 20
Linaria vulgaris
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Himalayan Balsam 21
Impatiens glandulifera
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Common hemp-nettle 22
Galeopsis tetrahit
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cheat grass 23
Bromus tectorum
Reed Canarygrass 24
Phalaris arundinacea
Foxtail Barley 25
Hordeum jubatum
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two-rowed stickseed 6
Lappula squarrosa
2576876827 6ba07937d3 m
Siberian peashrub 10
Caragana arborescens

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