Singapore guide to vertebrate animals

This guide was created from the "place" Singapore.

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True Toads 1
Black-eyed Litter Frog
Leptobrachium nigrops
Arcuate-spotted Pygmy Frog 2
Microhyla heymonsi
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Common Tree Frog 3
Polypedates leucomystax
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Terrestrial Frog 4
Fejervarya limnocharis
Saltwater Crocodile
Crocodylus porosus
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Asian Gliding Lizard 5
Draco maculatus
Black-barbed Flying Dragon 6
Draco melanopogon
Five-lined Flying Dragon
Draco quinquefasciatus
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Oriental Garden Lizard 7
Calotes versicolor
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Green Crested Lizard 8
Bronchocela cristatella
Dusky Earless Agama
Aphaniotis fusca
Malayan Crested Lizard
Gonocephalus grandis
Oriental Long-tailed Grass Lizard
Takydromus sexlineatus
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Olive Dasia 9
Dasia olivacea
Banded Lipinia 10
Lipinia vittigera
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Many-lined Sun-skink 11
Eutropis multifasciata
Anderson's Mabuya
Eutropis novemcarinata
Nicobar Island Skink 12
Eutropis rugifera
Johore Bow-fingered Gecko
Cyrtodactylus sworderi
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Common Dwarf Gecko 13
Hemiphyllodactylus typus
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Garnot's House Gecko 14
Hemidactylus garnotii
Flat-tailed House Gecko 15
Hemidactylus platyurus
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Mediterranean House Gecko 16
Hemidactylus turcicus
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Tokay Gecko 17
Gekko gecko
Spotted House Gecko 18
Gekko monarchus
240px gek smith 090810 10478 klr
Large Forest Gecko 9
Gekko smithii
Mutilating Gecko 19
Gehyra mutilata
240px aeluroscalabotes felinus
Cat Gecko 20
Aeluroscalabotes felinus
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Bengal Monitor 21
Varanus bengalensis
9758057824 79a033ea14 m
Clouded Monitor 22
Varanus nebulosus
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Little Wartsnake 23
Acrochordus granulatus
Elephant's Trunk Snake
Acrochordus javanicus
6975170978 3f7dd94997 m
Common Bronze-back 24
Dendrelaphis pictus
Brown Whip Snake
Dryophiops rubescens
6032067972 3f6c8b3b23 m
Paradise Flying Snake 25
Chrysopelea paradisi
Spotted Keelback 6
Xenochrophis maculatus
4926219509 5e89cbc31a m
Collared Black-headed Snake 26
Sibynophis collaris
6180873218 6b702fc807 m
Keeled Rat Snake 27
Ptyas carinata
(Eight-) Striped Kukri Snake 28
Oligodon octolineatus
Scarce Wolf Snake
Lycodon effraenis
Speckle-headed Whipsnake 18
Ahaetulla fasciolata
392673802 b017459357 m
Oriental Whipsnake 29
Ahaetulla prasina
8500960470 76152a7d56 m
Copperhead Rat Snake 30
Coelognathus radiatus
Blue Malaysian Coral Snake
Calliophis bivirgata
6776376704 2f83bd27cc m
Banded Malaysian Coral Snake 31
Calliophis intestinalis
2963331640 6630045275 m
King Cobra 32
Ophiophagus hannah
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Anomalous Sea Snake 33
Thalassophis anomalus
Bighead Sea Snake
Kolpophis annandalei
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Faint-banded Sea Snake 34
Hydrophis belcheri
Dwarf Sea Snake
Hydrophis caerulescens
7155975825 463fc9eded m
Annulated Sea Snake 35
Hydrophis cyanocinctus
Kloss' Sea Snake
Hydrophis klossi
Black-banded Sea Snake
Hydrophis melanosoma
Ornate Sea Snake 36
Hydrophis ornatus
Yellow-bellied Sea Snake 37
Hydrophis platurus
Yellow Sea Snake 36
Hydrophis spiralis
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Eydoux' Sea Snake 23
Aipysurus eydouxii
Blue-lipped Sea Krait
Laticauda laticaudata
36984 orig
Wagler's Pit Viper 13
Tropidolaemus wagleri
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Chinese Mountain Pit Viper 26
Ovophis monticola
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Asian Sunbeam Snake 38
Xenopeltis unicolor
4640391684 b2062c9032 m
Brahminy Blind Snake 39
Ramphotyphlops braminus
Rainbow Mud Snake 40
Enhydris enhydris
40877 orig
Cantor's Mangrove Snake 41
Cantoria violacea
Gray's Water Snake
Bitia hydroides
6776438594 6755b1062a m
Blunthead Slug Snake 31
Aplopeltura boa
Pond Slider 42
Trachemys scripta
2333210 a5fc3ca088 m
South Asian Box Turtle 43
Cuora amboinensis
Domed Malayan Box Turtle
Cuora amboinensis kamaroma
5733925547 900cc54e17 m
Spiny Terrapin 35
Heosemys spinosa
4729773670 6235d01c8a m
Lesser Coucal 44
Centropus bengalensis
Short-toed Coucal 45
Centropus rectunguis
Greater Coucal 40
Centropus sinensis
15623063612 cd4a9cafb6 m
Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo 46
Chrysococcyx basalis
3225511298 d5e135d9d3 m
Violet Cuckoo 47
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus
3235788721 b54a8dc6da m
Chestnut-winged Cuckoo 48
Clamator coromandus
5510804232 bfa0cc84de m
Jacobin Cuckoo 5
Clamator jacobinus
4623039899 5c6071e004 m
Grey-bellied Cuckoo 49
Cacomantis merulinus
2214115508 95a4a0b3aa m
Banded Bay Cuckoo 50
Cacomantis sonneratii
452168657 11aa8d2d93 m
Asian Koel 51
Eudynamys scolopaceus
2388102175 be8db0b928 m
Indian Cuckoo 52
Cuculus micropterus
4466832194 5d95431289 m
Oriental Cuckoo 50
Cuculus optatus
4662678195 9a9d9fe89d m
Himalayan Cuckoo 44
Cuculus saturatus
Square-tailed Drongo-Cuckoo 40
Surniculus lugubris
Malaysian Honeyguide
Indicator archipelagicus
5412677532 a2d0d31217 m
White-bellied Woodpecker 53
Dryocopus javensis
6045007503 32315c748b m
Gray-capped Woodpecker 44
Dendrocopos canicapillus
1239080204 5d40f10307 m
Sunda Woodpecker 54
Dendrocopos moluccensis
3870218401 e682b9fe0b m
Great Slaty Woodpecker 55
Mulleripicus pulverulentus
3649026132 6672230108 m
Rufous Woodpecker 56
Celeus brachyurus
5785786874 1bfce2be8e m
Buff-rumped Woodpecker 57
Meiglyptes tristis

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