5121 thumb Herps of ALNC

Historic list of possible herps found at Audubon Louisiana Nature Center. Classifications are likely to be outdated on some. Let me know if you find errors.

Blackmask Racer 1
Coluber constrictor latrunculus
6964248468 e8122cba41 m
Ringneck Snake 2
Diadophis punctatus
Texas Rat Snake 3
Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri
3673568282 31790fce4a m
Mud Snake 4
Farancia abacura
2485697384 05272fa31c m
Eastern Hognose Snake 5
Heterodon platirhinos
Speckled Kingsnake 6
Lampropeltis holbrooki
Eastern Milksnake 7
Lampropeltis triangulum
5691167204 9758812476 m
Mississippi Green Watersnake 8
Nerodia cyclopion
2660913692 52445f5b0b m
Yellow-bellied Watersnake 4
Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster
Blotched Water Snake 9
Nerodia erythrogaster transversa
3683504303 d72d5ae2f7 m
Banded Water Snake 4
Nerodia fasciata
2456118920 ccd523cf2d m
Diamondback Watersnake 10
Nerodia rhombifer
2827309845 fa91d7f462 m
Rough Greensnake 11
Opheodrys aestivus
6132056060 5cef740cb7 m
Western Ribbon Snake 2
Thamnophis proximus
Common Garter Snake
Thamnophis sirtalis
484186958 821c8f7e99 m
Timber Rattlesnake 14
Crotalus horridus
2778768357 bb581cd661 m
Pygmy Rattlesnake 4
Sistrurus miliarius
7492122228 f3dedb7a54 m
Mediterranean House Gecko 2
Hemidactylus turcicus
Green Anole 15
Anolis carolinensis
5497627582 be6c93fd18 m
Brown Anole 16
Anolis sagrei
Common Five-lined Skink 6
Plestiodon fasciatus
Broadhead Skink 17
Plestiodon laticeps
99730 260 190
Little Brown Skink 18
Scincella lateralis
Spiny Softshell 19
Apalone spinifera
35640439 7cc7c20c18 m
Common Musk Turtle 20
Sternotherus odoratus
1402453612 5906e0ea10 m
Eastern Mud Turtle 11
Kinosternon subrubrum
Red-eared Slider 21
Trachemys scripta elegans
Box Turtles
8985174682 7171bc0644 m
River Cooter 22
Pseudemys concinna
Mississippi Map Turtle
Graptemys pseudogeographica kohnii
2850135743 563b1b7a3e m
Common Snapping Turtle 23
Chelydra serpentina
Alligator Snapping Turtle 24
Macrochelys temminckii
5691546739 7dcda2025a m
Southern Leopard Frog 8
Lithobates sphenocephalus
2597025909 3a60b9bb5d m
Pig Frog 4
Lithobates grylio
3762895508 f50cc7ff95 m
Bronze Frog 25
Lithobates clamitans clamitans
American Bullfrog 26
Lithobates catesbeianus
2277631436 523a79b243 m
Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad 11
Gastrophryne carolinensis
5394348477 c18fb5f0c9 m
Greenhouse Frog 27
Eleutherodactylus planirostris
240px pseudacris crucifer umfs 2
Spring Peeper 28
Pseudacris crucifer
Western Chorus Frog 29
Pseudacris triseriata
131668492 36fdb29c08 m
Squirrel Tree Frog 30
Hyla squirella
4006694337 bf14379e80 m
Green Tree Frog 31
Hyla cinerea
6968347316 6ff3c82f22 m
Northern Cricket Frog 33
Acris crepitans
9310005096 3247041ac9 m
Gulf Coast Toad 34
Incilius nebulifer
Woodhouse's Toad 35
Anaxyrus woodhousii
Eastern Newt 36
Notophthalmus viridescens
Dusky Salamander 37
Desmognathus fuscus
Dwarf Salamander
Eurycea quadridigitata

Edited by Isaac W Wyatt, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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