6535 thumb Insects of Lake Pueblo State Park

Positioned approximately six miles west of the City of Pueblo, and within two hour’s drive of Denver and Colorado Springs, Lake Pueblo State Park attracts around 1.8 million visitors each year. It is located at the interface of the southern Rocky Mountains to the west and Great Plains to the ...more ↓

240px black swallowtail, male, ottawa
Black Swallowtail 1
Papilio polyxenes
Two-tailed Swallowtail 2
Papilio multicaudata
3507770476 afd6193429 m
Western Tiger Swallowtail 3
Papilio rutulus
Bronze Roadside-Skipper 4
Amblyscirtes aenus
5938849006 5a64d62619 m
Taxiles Skipper 5
Poanes taxiles
99728 orig
Sachem 6
Atalopedes campestris
Common Branded Skipper 7
Hesperia comma
Uncas Skipper 8
Hesperia uncas
Dun Skipper 9
Euphyes vestris
15421677421 35c9a49f35 m
Viereck's Skipper 10
Atrytonopsis vierecki
10411 260 190
Delaware Skipper 11
Anatrytone logan
4914048216 f8338ea6e3 m
Least Skipper 12
Ancyloxypha numitor
Silver-spotted Skipper 13
Epargyreus clarus
2932232630 b01e9b748b m
Common Checkered-Skipper 14
Pyrgus communis
Saltbush Sootywing 15
Hesperopsis alpheus
Common Sootywing 16
Pholisora catullus
Goatweed Leafwing 17
Anaea andria
240px limenitis archippus cramer
Viceroy 18
Limenitis archippus
14329722508 a75295d1c1 m
Weidemeyer's Admiral 10
Limenitis weidemeyerii
Mylitta Crescent 19
Phyciodes mylitta
2752773069 3edc064dd1 m
Painted Crescent 20
Phyciodes picta
5087051963 fd6eb38a18 m
Field Crescent 21
Phyciodes pulchella
4797044264 7a5a945e91 m
Pearl Crescent 22
Phyciodes tharos
Gorgone Checkerspot 15
Chlosyne gorgone
7683157626 ebe4fd6d6b m
Red Admiral 23
Vanessa atalanta
Painted Lady 24
Vanessa cardui
141509000 8f1c383ae4 m
Mourning Cloak 25
Nymphalis antiopa
1581649444 9da13964d1 m
Common Buckeye 26
Junonia coenia
2964995671 64aba80fdd m
Common Wood-Nymph 27
Cercyonis pegala
1373161733 1df3256e04 m
Aphrodite Fritillary 28
Speyeria aphrodite
4685916841 f1755aaee9 m
Coronis Fritillary 29
Speyeria coronis
4875839634 b4dd0d8e79 m
Edwards' Fritillary 20
Speyeria edwardsii
5641066266 3a8333e85c m
Variegated Fritillary 30
Euptoieta claudia
3002789341 25183c2f86 m
Queen 31
Danaus gilippus
2972095940 9bc2608e00 m
Monarch 31
Danaus plexippus
534157689 20cda038c1 m
American Snout 32
Libytheana carinenta
Gray Hairstreak 33
Strymon melinus
40461 260 190
Acadian Hairstreak 6
Satyrium acadica
5087663432 5ab18d587e m
Sylvan Hairstreak 21
Satyrium sylvinus
Juniper Hairstreak 15
Callophrys gryneus
16660 orig
Gray Copper 34
Lycaena dione
1176990084 c00a235acb m
Purplish Copper 35
Lycaena helloides
Bronze Copper 36
Lycaena hyllus
80758 orig
Square-spotted Blue 6
Euphilotes battoides
447855048 6aed92364f m
Western Pygmy-Blue 37
Brephidium exilis
13113297425 d8fc8b4c5b m
Marine Blue 38
Leptotes marina
923105618 a76840cc9b m
Reakirt's Blue 28
Echinargus isola
2822466696 3588dbfaca m
Melissa Blue 20
Plebejus melissa
Southern Dogface 39
Zerene cesonia
8081211810 11cbc37db5 m
Mexican Yellow 40
Eurema mexicana
2907758999 dba33aaf39 m
Dainty Sulphur 20
Nathalis iole
6137123754 e9e5000c4a m
Orange Sulphur 41
Colias eurytheme
4960365598 4f2039179d m
Clouded Sulphur 41
Colias philodice
Cabbage White 42
Pieris rapae
3557710710 4952b9c014 m
Checkered White 30
Pontia protodice

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