Wetland plants of Mason Neck Wildlife Refuge

This is a list of observed plants that have a wetland status of FAC to OBL.

American holly 1
Ilex opaca
Green Arrow Arum 2
Peltandra virginica
Echinochloa crusgalli 3
Echinochloa crus-galli
3815441384 b72e78b8cd m
buttonbush 4
Cephalanthus occidentalis
6223474158 075a475af6 m
broad beech fern 5
Phegopteris hexagonoptera
240px typha latifolia finland
bulrush 6
Typha latifolia
3799442162 76100cf8c8 m
cardinal flower 7
Lobelia cardinalis
108471017 adb0a22052 m
Osmunda cinnamomea 8
Osmundastrum cinnamomeum
5773771120 92fcb5e646 m
deertongue 9
Dichanthelium clandestinum
3843476705 0b9dd6e5c6 m
broadleaf arrowhead 10
Sagittaria latifolia
2138957976 0f8b1a64c8 m
humped bladderwort 11
Utricularia gibba
4877379217 a616252166 m
false nettle 12
Boehmeria cylindrica
American white waterlily 2
Nymphaea odorata
American frogbit
Limnobium spongia
4751254398 038437d2d4 m
Jack-in-the-pulpit 13
Arisaema triphyllum
3794711628 8bd2c6bd56 m
swamp rose mallow 14
Hibiscus moscheutos
240px starr 070515 7067 ludwigia palustris
Water Purslane 15
Ludwigia palustris
Hypericum virginicum
Triadenum virginicum
29032525 bd240be8bc m
narrow-leaved cattail 16
Typha angustifolia
9078383291 be72958217 m
New York ironweed 17
Vernonia noveboracensis
484480301 458ad61e9f m
common pawpaw 18
Asimina triloba
4991332753 2e0e0447a3 m
American persimmon 19
Diospyros virginiana
pickerelweed 20
Pontederia cordata
6256493249 73d98ee087 m
red maple 21
Acer rubrum
rice cutgrass 22
Leersia oryzoides
roundleaf greenbrier 23
Smilax rotundifolia
2798606922 8a93240810 m
common jewelweed 24
Impatiens capensis
Polygonum punctatum
Persicaria punctata
swamp loosestrife
Decodon verticillatus
swamp white oak 25
Quercus bicolor
294555705 75ad93ae6d m
American sweetgum 26
Liquidambar styraciflua
American sycamore 27
Platanus occidentalis
14992481919 0e133593a5 m
Crowned Beggar-ticks 28
Bidens coronata
annual wild rice 3
Zizania aquatica
4165524376 ba140ba0a0 m
winterberry holly 29
Ilex verticillata

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