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Discover the variety of fish living in the gentle lagoon waters surrounding our island campus.

Bay Anchovy 1
Anchoa mitchilli
2652082789 e316e53dd3 m
Leather Jacket 2
Oligoplites saurus
5187509591 766ded360a m
Atlantic Needlefish 3
Strongylura marina
Gulf pipefish 4
Syngnathus scovelli
48451 260 190
Dusky Pipefish 6
Syngnathus floridae
3803995133 bc36a1b24c m
Northern Pipefish 7
Syngnathus fuscus
Crevalle Jack 8
Caranx hippos
Florida Pompano 9
Trachinotus carolinus
240px trachinotus falcatus
Permit 10
Trachinotus falcatus
3837907978 16b9b81045 m
Atlantic Spadefish 5
Chaetodipterus faber
Pigfish 17
Orthopristis chrysoptera
64591 260 190
Smallmouth Grunt 18
Haemulon chrysargyreum
4785268312 87d4d2ffbd m
Grey Snapper 19
Lutjanus griseus
5188097798 f81b0f995e m
Spot Croaker 3
Leiostomus xanthurus
Spotted Seatrout 20
Cynoscion nebulosus
Black Drum 12
Pogonias cromis
5733718793 e2eb0508ec m
Red Drum 21
Sciaenops ocellatus
7213359676 24df3f7cbb m
Sheepshead 5
Archosargus probatocephalus
Spottail Pinfish 15
Diplodus holbrookii
Gulf Stream Flounder
Citharichthys arctifrons
4784622929 c39539e1fd m
Pinfish 19
Lagodon rhomboides
34023105793 f5a37de6f3 m
Eyed Flounder 5
Bothus ocellatus
Twospot Flounder 20
Bothus robinsi
Fringed Flounder 22
Etropus crossotus
Southern Flounder 23
Paralichthys lethostigma
221638891 0d467dd633 m
Summer Flounder 24
Paralichthys dentatus
Gulf Flounder 14
Paralichthys albigutta
Twospot Flounder 20
Bothus robinsi
34023105793 f5a37de6f3 m
Eyed Flounder 5
Bothus ocellatus
Fringed Flounder 22
Etropus crossotus
Bighead Searobin 25
Prionotus tribulus
Striped Searobin 26
Prionotus evolans
5187504275 6b7375ba55 m
Leopard searobin 3
Prionotus scitulus
Hardhead Catfish 20
Ariopsis felis
Checkered Puffer 27
Sphoeroides testudineus
Southern Puffer 4
Sphoeroides nephelus
240px chilomycterus schoepfii in tropicarium oceanarium budapest 02
Striped Burrfish 28
Chilomycterus schoepfii
6979401475 c74cd8cdaf m
Inshore Lizardfish 5
Synodus foetens
4460491674 e4db1c491b m
Longsnout Seahorse 29
Hippocampus reidi
7160324915 faf740b7e3 m
Northern Seahorse 5
Hippocampus erectus
5272685164 72cfca5f9b m
Dwarf Seahorse 30
Hippocampus zosterae

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