Herpetofauna of Angola

Common Forest Tree Frog
Leptopelis notatus
Ocellated Forest Tree Frog
Leptopelis ocellatus
Quissange Forest Tree Frog
Leptopelis marginatus
Lake Upemba Forest Tree Frog 6
Leptopelis parbocagii
42243 260 190
Cinnamon Tree Frog 7
Leptopelis cynnamomeus
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Gaboon Forest Tree Frog 2
Leptopelis aubryi
Bocage's Tree Frog
Leptopelis bocagii
Congulu Forest Tree Frog
Leptopelis jordani
Anchieta's Tree Frog
Leptopelis anchietae
Victoria Forest Tree Frog
Leptopelis boulengeri
De Witte's Clicking Frog
Kassinula wittei
80003 orig
Kuvangu kassina 4
Kassina kuvangensis
Senegal Kassina 10
Kassina senegalensis
Guinea Snout-burrower 11
Hemisus guineensis
Perret's Snout-burrower
Hemisus perreti
Shovel-nosed Frog 12
Hemisus marmoratus
87833 260 190
Hairy Frog 13
Trichobatrachus robustus
Carqueja's Squeaker
Arthroleptis carquejai
Marbled rubber frog
Phrynomantis annectens
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Red-Banded Rubber Frog 1
Phrynomantis bifasciatus
Spotted rubber frog
Phrynomantis affinis
Power's Rain Frog 9
Breviceps poweri
Common Rain Frog 14
Breviceps adspersus
Western Dwarf Clawed Frog
Hymenochirus curtipes
Peters' Platanna 17
Xenopus petersii
Andre's Clawed Frog
Xenopus andrei
African Clawed Frog 18
Xenopus laevis
Muller's Platanna
Xenopus muelleri
Schilluk ridged frog
Ptychadena schillukorum
Sharp-nosed ridged frog 19
Ptychadena oxyrhynchus
Upemba ridged frog
Ptychadena upembae
Small ridged frog 9
Ptychadena taenioscelis
Guibe's ridged frog 20
Ptychadena guibei
54593 260 190
Grandison's ridged frog 21
Ptychadena grandisonae
51053 260 190
Udzungwa ridged frog 21
Ptychadena uzungwensis
Rough ridged frog
Ptychadena bunoderma
Mascarene Ridged Frog
Ptychadena mascareniensis
Grassland ridged frog
Ptychadena porosissima
Spotted ridged frog 23
Ptychadena subpunctata
Victoria Grassland Frog
Ptychadena aequiplicata
83719 260 190
Knocking sand frog 24
Tomopterna krugerensis
240px tomopterna tandyi02
Tandy's sand frog 24
Tomopterna tandyi
15560 orig
Rough sand frog 19
Tomopterna tuberculosa
Cryptic sand frog
Tomopterna cryptotis
Ornate frog 9
Hildebrandtia ornata
African Bullfrog 25
Pyxicephalus adspersus
Edible bullfrog
Pyxicephalus edulis
Crowned bullfrog 2
Hoplobatrachus occipitalis
Masako fishing frog
Aubria masako
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Grey Foam-nest Treefrog 26
Chiromantis xerampelina
4395578817 19142bac4a m
African foam-nest tree frog 2
Chiromantis rufescens
18625 260 190
Congo caecilian 13
Herpele squalostoma
Four-striped Tree-folding Frog 14
Afrixalus quadrivittatus
Angolan River Frog 17
Amietia angolensis
Lameer's Squeaker
Arthroleptis lameerei
Plain Squeaker
Arthroleptis xenochirus

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