7822 thumb Butterflies of Limestone Canyon IRC Citizen Science Survey

A guide to help the citizen scientists who participate in the monthly survey.

Comments and photos are selected to help with quick identification in the field.

Includes only the butterflies recorded from past surveys. However, there are several other butterflies that could show ...more ↓

Rural Skipper 1
Ochlodes agricola
Woodland Skipper 2
Ochlodes sylvanoides
8083882079 a612a85b87 m
Umber Skipper 3
Poanes melane
Eufala Skipper 4
Lerodea eufala
White Checkered-Skipper 5
Pyrgus albescens
Northern White-Skipper 6
Heliopetes ericetorum
1229055948 bc19fb3e0a m
Funereal Duskywing 7
Erynnis funeralis
Mournful Duskywing 8
Erynnis tristis
Propertius Duskywing 9
Erynnis propertius
141509000 8f1c383ae4 m
Mourning Cloak 10
Nymphalis antiopa
2556749747 d053fa2636 m
California Sister 11
Adelpha californica
Lorquin's Admiral 12
Limenitis lorquini
7683157626 ebe4fd6d6b m
Red Admiral 13
Vanessa atalanta
Painted Lady 14
Vanessa cardui
3038721288 379ecf2cb0 m
West Coast Lady 15
Vanessa annabella
447857261 ee587d6a04 m
American Lady 16
Vanessa virginiensis
1581649444 9da13964d1 m
Common Buckeye 17
Junonia coenia
7713505946 5068bb860f m
Great Basin Wood-Nymph 18
Cercyonis sthenele
2972095940 9bc2608e00 m
Monarch 19
Danaus plexippus
3002789341 25183c2f86 m
Queen 19
Danaus gilippus
Common Ringlet 20
Coenonympha tullia
13113297425 d8fc8b4c5b m
Marine Blue 21
Leptotes marina
Ceraunus Blue 22
Hemiargus ceraunus
2832103964 aaa74be882 m
Acmon Blue 7
Icaricia acmon
28358841961 5dba8089c6 m
Bernardino Blue 23
Euphilotes bernardino
177095078 50c278b938 m
Silvery Blue 24
Glaucopsyche lygdamus
447855048 6aed92364f m
Western Pygmy-Blue 16
Brephidium exilis
2991265166 24d487f7aa m
Lotus Hairstreak 15
Callophrys dumetorum
5083732491 48675a4d3c m
Brown Elfin 25
Callophrys augustinus
Gray Hairstreak 26
Strymon melinus
5087663432 5ab18d587e m
Sylvan Hairstreak 25
Satyrium sylvinus
4773019763 5295597a25 m
Great Purple Hairstreak 27
Atlides halesus
3627424903 de5e9fea12 m
Gold-hunter's Hairstreak 10
Satyrium auretorum
5087659428 85d62b97b7 m
Hedgerow Hairstreak 25
Satyrium saepium
2810244033 166b9537fe m
Orange Sulphur 29
Colias eurytheme
3981123890 cdcf43a332 m
Sleepy Orange 30
Abaeis nicippe
2907758999 dba33aaf39 m
Dainty Sulphur 7
Nathalis iole
2170817604 b06dac0a46 m
Cloudless Sulphur 7
Phoebis sennae
Sara Orangetip 31
Anthocharis sara
3221343390 41e30d89f9 m
Checkered White 32
Pontia protodice
4367449499 15dc249cd4 m
Cabbage White 33
Pieris rapae
2214689782 b17c834660 m
Behr's Metalmark 34
Apodemia virgulti
Fatal Metalmark 35
Calephelis nemesis
Pale Swallowtail 37
Papilio eurymedon
2665803331 31f1e84c1d m
Anise Swallowtail 38
Papilio zelicaon

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