Sisters District Weed Worries

Invasive Plant plant species of concern on Sisters Ranger District, Deschutes National Forest. Some species on this list have not been found on the district but need to be watched for.

Slender False Brome
Brachypodium sylvaticum
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knapweeds 1
36309 orig
diffuse knapweed 2
Centaurea diffusa
3768272782 21d0f9d155 m
spotted knapweed 3
Centaurea stoebe
2596869733 375713b512 m
Rush Skeletonweed 4
Chondrilla juncea
24442547284 f0714873d0 m
Yellow Floating-heart 5
Nymphoides aquatica
240px cytisus scoparius jfg
common broom 6
Cytisus scoparius
oxeye daisy 7
Leucanthemum vulgare
240px cirsium arvense, martinm%c3%a4ki
creeping thistle 8
Cirsium arvense
3047196697 37c955f4f3 m
Toadflax 9
240px cirsium vulgare harthope
Spear thistle 10
Cirsium vulgare
240px common toadflax   linaria vulgaris   215978
common toadflax 11
Linaria vulgaris
95714 orig
Cheatgrass/Downy Brome 12
Bromus tectorum

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