8755 thumb Ferns of Clark Reservation State Park

This is a guide to the ferns of Clark Reservation State Park in Jamesville, NY. This guide was created by local college students as part of the FORCES (Friends of Recreation, Conservation, and Environmental Stewardship) program through New York State Parks.

Using the guide:

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brittle bladderfern 1
Cystopteris fragilis
bulblet fern 2
Cystopteris bulbifera
Christmas fern 3
Polystichum acrostichoides
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cinnamon fern 4
Osmundastrum cinnamomeum
ebony spleenwort 3
Asplenium platyneuron
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Goldie's wood fern 5
Dryopteris goldiana
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intermediate wood fern 6
Dryopteris intermedia
lady fern 3
Athyrium filix-femina
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maidenhair spleenwort 7
Asplenium trichomanes
marginal wood fern 8
Dryopteris marginalis
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narrow-leaved glade fern 9
Homalosorus pycnocarpos
northern maidenhair fern 10
Adiantum pedatum
purple-stem cliffbrake 11
Pellaea atropurpurea
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rock polypody 12
Polypodium virginianum
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royal fern 13
Osmunda regalis
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sensitive fern 14
Onoclea sensibilis
spinulose wood fern 15
Dryopteris carthusiana
walking fern 2
Asplenium rhizophyllum

Edited by Mike Serviss, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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