April 14, 2020

Anna's Humming Bird

I surveyed an area for nesting birds this morning and was treated to quite the display of nature among this tiny vegetated island along the road. I was watching a male Anna’s humming bird (or as I like to call them, hummers) perched on a small coyote brush (Baccharis pilularis). He was singing his little head off and flying around chasing off any unwanted males invading his vast territory. I was able to photograph him from a respectable distance especially for humming bird standards. As I watched and photographed he zoomed around, nectared on an adjacent Pride of Madeira (a non-native landscape plant), and zoomed back to sit on his tiny twig of a perch. After feeling guilty for standing there photographing him for a while, I decided to put the camera down and pick up my binoculars to inspect the other neighboring shrubs and found a little bushtit singing its heart out, popping back and forth within the big quail bush (Atriplex lentiformis). After watching this ball of cuteness hop around and then finally disappear, I scanned the surrounding area again. Suddenly... A red-shouldered hawk!!!! Oh how I love raptors. After a quick flash by from that beauty, I noticed a rather robust gray bird perched atop a cypress tree. Why hello there Northern Mockingbird. After jotting down notes from my field observations and compiling quite the species list, I decided to check on my little hummer after hearing him buzzing around jittering above me. I walked back up to the coyote brush and sure enough, he was hovering above calling , but this time... there was a call back!! A lady friend was entertaining his beautiful displays. Finally after a few chats back and forth he flew down to meet her. They called and chatted back to each other a few times then it happened... they mated! Yay the next generation of baby hummers in the making.

Nature never ceases to amaze me especially during these trying times. Nature will always endure regardless of whether or not we, Homo sapiens, exists or do not exist. In the words of Niel deGrasse Tyson: nature is the judge, the jury, and the executioner.. nature will always tell you if you’re wrong. I feel so fortunate to be given the opportunity to continue my work outdoors given the state of things.

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