November 08, 2019

New Zealand

My recent 2-week visit to the North Island of New Zealand (areas around Rotorua and New Plymouth) provided an opportunity to observe the lush spring landscape with its huge variety of flora. I soon realized that New Zealand's flora exhibits a lot of imported species in the natural environment. Its many parks and green areas with superb walkways abound in cultivated imported species. My observations included both natural and cultivated. The experience taught me about the pervasiveness of non-indigenous species and the extra preciousness of truly indigenous species. All were truly beautiful and awe-inspiring, but indigenousness heightens the beauty.

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April 22, 2019

Haskell Canyon Open Space Project

News media have covered the Southern California 2019 super bloom in places like Lake Elsinore, Walker Canyon, and the Poppy Reserve in the Antelope Valley. But don't miss the bounty in smaller, less known areas on the fringes of urban populations. One such place is the 526-acre Haskell Canyon Open Space in Santa Clarita off Copperhill Dr. A large number of observations have been logged in the Haskell Canyon Open Space Project (designed to cover 25 years--from 2000 through 2025--for building a historical perspective on fluctuations in fauna and flora). Soon everything will dry up, turn brown, and bring changes to the types of discoverable wildlife.
When hiking in the area, pay attention to the increasing fire danger. Know where you are at and always keep an escape route in mind. Also be aware that mountain bikers (non-motorized) use the main valley trail--stay alert--bicycles can be nearly silent. Some fine young people manage the trail, help maintain it, and are always ready to share some of their own observations of wildlife in the Open Space.
Please become a member of this project and volunteer to help check identities for the observations. Haskell Canyon Open Space sports an amazing variety of life forms for observation. Enjoy!

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