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September 24, 2018

The Book to Get if You're Serious about Identifying Praying Mantises

If you ever wanted to know how to identify a mantis, to know the sex of the species, or if you're curious as to know which mantises exist in your state, then pick up Kris Anderson's book, “Praying Mantises of the United States and Canada.” Anderson did an exceptional job with this book. Not only is it very detailed, but it is thoroughly organized. Included in the text is a dichotomous key of all the mantises in the United States and Canada and distribution maps for each species. Also included are pictures of each species and outstanding drawings of the male and female of each species. You do not need to have a scientific background to understand the information that Anderson has presented. This is an excellent book and one that I highly recommend.

Anderson, Kris. 2018. Praying Mantises of the United States and Canada.

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