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HelIo there! Observing in my backyard is my absolute favorite thing to do and I am sure to find a new insect every time I step out; I've had fairly rare visitors. I try not to let observation bias directs my records but shiny pretty things are more exciting (sorry gnats and midges) and my camera and skills are unfortunately limited.

Thank you very much to the iNat community for all the help, and all the very patients users who ID and instruct.

I started the ARThropod project, which seeks to gather unintentional art made by Arthropods and photographed by Humans. It focuses on objects and traces Arthropods make and leave behind (webs, cocoons, cases, galls, camouflage outfits, pots, nests and hives, leaf mining, wood boring...)
Please join and add the observations that move you aesthetically, or you find arresting or impress you with their construction, colors or patterns:
It found more purpose than I expected, keeping track and ultimately solving some mysteries!

I have seen a lot of amazing insects out there on iNat; my eye has sharpened and my knowledge has expanded a little bit while my prudence and understanding of the sheer craziness and diversity out there have grown. Needless to say, you should always take my IDs as mere suggestions and get a second opinion.

About agreeing: agreeing to an ID means you are confirming an hypothesis (I mean this mostly for genus and species IDs).
Think of it as a scientific process: for instance, it is similar to confirming that a mathematician's solution to an equation is correct. So basically do not click agree if you can not solve the equation independently. The best course of action is often to withdraw.
It is more than OK to make mistakes -I have made more than my share and I continue to do so (that's why you shouldn't agree readily with me -my goal is often to triage your observation so that someone more specialized will see it); making a mistake when formulating an hypothesis and putting it out into the world for others to check is fine. When confirming, the stakes are much higher and one's responsibility, greater.

I love it if you have a little about yourself, interests, specialization etc... in your profile.
Tag me if I have made a mistake and did not withdraw; it means I have missed notifications for this post, somehow.

EN (kind of)/FR (un petit pois)/ESP (un poquito y más)
Any pronoun is fine with me, but I draw the line at being called "Sir" passive-aggressively as in "I will not improve my data for you, Sir" :)

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