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Hello, my name is David and I'm a science addict. Science is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, and it's the last thing I think about when I go to bed. It has ruled my life for decades now. While I dabble in using multiple kinds of science, my science of choice is definitely biology (known on the street as "the big B").
For those of you unfamiliar with it, the rush that you get when using the big B is like nothing you've experienced before. It completely consumes you and coats you in a thick layer of awe and wonder. It is the most powerful psychoactive drug I have ever tried, and completely changes your perspective of the entire universe. Colors and other sensory experiences may not get more vivid or stronger, but the very essence of existence is fundamentally and comprehensively changed while you are under its influence.
The big B is also a cruel master, however, thoroughly confusing you with its complexity, dismaying you with its cold disregard for all morality, and infuriating you with its slippery, mercurial and protean nature. Just when you think you are starting to get a hold on it, the big B quickly changes shape and slips just out of reach again, leaving you dizzy and confused. As frustrating as it is, however, it is also precisely that neverending chase that is so thrilling and enthralling.
Anyway, my science addiction has cost me greatly. Friends and family can't understand its appeal, and it is difficult to have meaningful conversations with those unaware or unaffected by its power. They simply cannot understand where you are coming from, and vice versa. It is also difficult to enjoy other things, as nothing can hold a candle to it. It even affects you professionally, since society is very unwelcoming to those of us under its influence, and often seems to be attempting to systematically eradicate it from our lives. Most people seem to have never even gotten a taste of it, and those that have appear to have a strong immunity to it. They simply don't understand the addiction. It is very alienating.

At any rate, my science addiction has left countless indelible marks on me and the world. Here you can see some of them, in the form of my identifications (sans my observations). Or if you prefer, here's a heatmap version.

I never know what to say in profile pages. Profile pages are just too simple, too static, too incomplete. I like complexity, nuance, and change, which is one of the reasons for my addiction, described above. As such, what I think I'll do is to periodically delete and rewrite this page, depending on my mood at the time. In a way, I have also always been drawn to ephemerality, so I kind of like this idea. It's nice to shake up the Etch A Sketch and start afresh.

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