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I never know what to say in profile pages. Profile pages are just too simple, too static, too incomplete. I like complexity, nuance, and change, which is one of the reasons why I love biology (and science in general)*, and why making profile pages always makes me uncomfortable. As such, what I think I'll do is to periodically delete and rewrite my profile page, depending on my mood at the time. In a way, I have also always been drawn to ephemerality, so I kind of like this idea. It's nice to shake up the Etch A Sketch and start afresh.

In today's Etch A Sketch profile page, a video. Here's one of the most hilariously brilliant and dark monologues of all time:


I love it for many reasons. I love how simultaneously absurd and true it is.

*Those are also the things that I hate the most about biology/science/life. Nothing can ever just be simple and unchanging. Not even my love for nature.

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