jade fortnash

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i am not a millipede expert! i just was trying to fix some local identification problems, sorry!! if you @ me and you are not asking about a species found in florida i probably cannot help you!

regardless, i welcome to @'s and messages, if you need clarification, think ive made an incorrect ID, need some help, whatever! im happy to help as much as i can :)

(im really not great at socializing though and for that i am sorry)

im a certified advanced florida master naturalist
im really trying with the whole everything else but thats all ive got to say for myself really
i love bugs, plants, and pretty much literally anything that i start to learn about or gets my attention

heres my youtube channel, which i generally use just to provide video for my observations

heres my bugguide
if you requested that i crosspost an observation from here to there, and i did not do it, it is 100% of the time because i forgot, and i would be completely happy if you reminded me

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