Suburban Stone Age

Proving sustainability works by looking to the past as well as the future. Our goal: to combine the technologies of the Stone Age, Agricultural Age and the Information Age to build a more sustainable modern life.

I am documenting the biodiversity that can be found on a 9000 sq/ft suburban lot in Southern California. If it sets foot here, I try to document it.

Why? In 100 years from now, the everyday observations of an average, ordinary citizen may provide valuable knowledge on how the world used to be, how things have changed, and what became different. You never know, so I try to document what I can.

In addition, I love simply love Life. Life of all kinds. I find it a personal honor to share my home with the wild things of this earth. I hope to create a small safe haven, and see who comes to visit over time. Biodiversity is my yardstick of success.

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