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Aidan P. Campos - IPNI (International Plant Names Index)


I’m an Indigenous ecologist, naturalist, & photographer studying various branches of biology, ecology, & natural history within the frameworks of anti-imperialism and decolonization. My work principally focuses on documentation and interpretation of both habitats and of the evolutionary entities which comprise them.

I’m currently based in north central Texas at the southern end of the Osage Plains, though, I have a particular interest in the flora of the western hemisphere as a whole, specifically that of the Great Plains, Interior Highlands, Southeastern Coastal Plain, and the Madrean/Cordilleran domains. I also have a strong focus on all grassland and savanna ecosystems, especially rock outcrop communities and the direct relationship between their geologic foundation and floristic development.

Some of the taxa which are of greatest interest to me include Cactaceae (especially Opuntia, Echinocereus, & Cacteae), Solanaceae, Taraxacum, Yucca, Sisyrinchium, Euphorbia, Poales, Rubus, Crataegus, & Orchidaceae.

Outside of my primary overarching focus on present ecology, I also document and study paleontology & paleoecology, having the most experience with the marine and near-shore communities of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway.

In December 2023 together with Wolfgang Blum I described and published Echinocereus perplexus (Cactaceae).

“If you wish something painless and effortless, the pursuit of botany is not for you. Nature gives away few secrets to the lazy, and none to the incompetent." - Lloyd H. Shinners

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