Claire O'Neill

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I am a conservationist and naturalist. I run Earthwise Aware Inc., a nature conservation nonprofit ( My work is dedicated to Ecological Literacy, Ethics & Leadership and how to bring those ethics to the public and organizations that have nature or wildlife as part of their curriculum. A big part of our outreach programs is through citizen science. In my area, we run species surveys, phenology studies, plant community assessments, bird monitoring. This year, we're adding pollinator surveys and vernal pool awareness & protection programs. Check us out!

I strongly believe that individually and altogether we can be ethically & ecologically engaged –whoever we are, whatever we do and wherever we are. Ethical Nature conservation is not circumstantial; it is a mindset that you acquire. Once on that path, a great many rewards for us become obvious. And the satisfaction out of practicing good ethics is almost addictive. Then there is no going back.

My favorite words: “Earthwise Aware —Because I Care!”

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