Al Kordesch

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I live in San Francisco, graduated with an MSEE and worked 30 years microelectronics manufacturing. After retiring I became a volunteer docent at Seymour Marine Discovery Center, Santa Cruz California for 3 years, 2017-2019. I was introduced to iNaturalist by professor Allison J Gong at UCSC. In 2020 I trained to become a volunteer naturalist at the J.V. Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.
I use iNat to learn about and keep a record of the amazing creatures I have come across.

iPhone photography is very inexpensive and super convenient for recording, editing and sharing. The tiny lens aperture gives macro images enormous depth of field. And you always have it with you.

Identifying species is both challenging and rewarding. You can learn and contribute at the same time. iNat gives an amateur like me a tiny glimpse into the guts of real biological science. I try to encourage all of my friends and family to use iNat!

My main focus now is seaweeds of California coast.


  1. Marine Algae of California by Abbott & Hollenberg, 1976
  2. Pacific Seaweeds by Druehl & Clarkson, 2016
  3. Seaweeds of the Pacific Coast by Mondragon & Mondragon, 2003
  4. Seashore Plants of California by Dawson & Foster 1982
  5. Algaebase

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