J. Kevin England Curator

I am a botanist and certified Southern Appalachian Naturalist through the US National Parks Service and The University of Tennessee. My degrees include a BS in Geography (Environmental Science) with minors in Biology & Geology from The University of Alabama and a Masters of Arts in Teaching (non-cert) in Biology/Botany from the University of West Alabama. I completed and defended my thesis titled "The Vascular Flora of Marengo County, Alabama" in 2014. During my research and other floristic work, I have collected and identified almost 9000 specimens of vascular plants, bryophytes, and lichens from across Alabama and the southeastern United States. I am making plans now to pursue a PhD in Forest Ecology (Geography Dept.) from The University of Alabama. I am actively botanizing the 12 northwestern counties of Alabama and involved in other projects including Sandstone Glade Ecology of Alabama with research centered in the Bankhead National Forest, Flora of Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Flora of Alabama and Lichen Atlas of Alabama.

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