David Murray

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My favorite plant is ragweed ('Ambrosia sp.'); I am also interested in distantly-related plants with similar cultural uses to ragweed (i.e.: the Japanese yomogi).
I am interested in the ethnobotanical uses of plants in Oklahoma -and elsewhere.

I have created the polyploidy 'Tragopogon mirus' in my backyard by purposefully crossing its two parent species- and continue to grow all three. I enjoy trying to grow plants wherewith many would consider OK to be outside of its normal range (saffron crocus & 'Camellia sinensis').

I can use Landsat to find areas of high plant biomass prior to visiting a new area (TCT); and many other things with remote sensing.

I do know what poison ivy looks like, and will happily explain it to anyone who asks. The best book I have ever found on the topic is the State Biological Survey of KS's Bulletin No. 4 (Aug 11, 1977).

I can tell you whether the wild plant you found and want to eat is toxic or not - at least within the state of OK. Do not ask me about house plants- they are mostly tropical, and it is best to treat them as toxic if you don't already know.

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