XplorMor International (Non-Profit)

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Hi, I'm Bryan, and I'm part of XMI—a team of avid explorers, photographers, naturalists and conservationists with a high sense of stewardship for the planet. We have, individually and together, joined and coordinated expeditions, environmental projects, conservation efforts and photographic fieldwork in 59 countries. Our specialty is remote environments, from trekking to wild spaces or venturing by multiple transports over numerous time zones to sites of human heritage. We value the entire process of these enthralling ventures from planning to the often times humbling experiences shared along the journey. Our goal is to capture these places—their scenery, animals (especially insects!) and human residents—in a way that preserves their beautiful, authentic story. It is an honor that our photographic field studies have been added to the archival record and used to benefit scientific research. We hope our efforts inspire appreciation and safekeeping of this incredible world.

XplorMor International is a recognized U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit that organizes, participates and supports scientific, archaeological and cultural fieldwork around the world, as well as philanthropic projects, initiatives and fundraising campaigns.

Please contact us for more information about programs, fieldwork expeditions, joint ventures or providing photographic support for your research. Once we know more we would be happy to send a custom proposal. We look forward to the possibilities! www.xplormor.com

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