Julia and Bryan @ XplorMor International Non-Profit

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Hi, we're Julia Thomsen and Bryan Davis of XplorMor International Non-Profit.

We love getting out and exploring our incredibly dynamic world. We are citizen scientists and naturalists, and as such often use iNaturalist's identification suggestion when uploading. We are learning and hopefully getting better each year at our identifications. However, if you spot an error or have a more exacting identification, please share and add a comment with any helpful information or clues for the identification—this will helps us continue our education. The more details, insight and reasoning you provide with your suggestion, the better, as we wish to learn and understand and improve.

XplorMor International is a recognized U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit that organizes, participates and supports scientific, archaeological and cultural fieldwork around the world, as well as philanthropic projects, initiatives and fundraising campaigns. XMI works to promote exploration and build appreciation of our world. Our mission is to inspire the global community to travel this dynamic planet, seek out opportunities to conserve its wonders, build fellowship between cultures, engage in projects with a societal benefit and outstanding universal value, and preserve the journey through photography.

Please check out our efforts at www.xplormor.com.

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