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It is a crime that I just recently discovered iNaturalist - it's so great!!

I am a student of conservation ecology currently in the process of applying to graduate Entomology programs.
I graduated from U of Michigan's Program in the Environment and fell in love with insects during an unexpected course at U of M's Biological Station (UMBS). I love insects and herps most, but am generally animal-obsessed!

Some of my favorites: moths (esp. Saturniidae), beetles, frogs, and turtles.

You can find me out and about wherever I am with an insect net, notebook, and camera.

I also love travel and scuba diving, having most recently returned from Nepal & Thailand where I gathered some of my coolest observations!!

I keep reptiles and have two bearded dragons (Hobbes & Puff), one Russian tortoise (Tortellini), and one crested gecko (Pip). I'm also currently raising cecropia moth caterpillars :D

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