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I enjoy sedges...studied the systematics of bulrushes (Schoenoplectus species) in the Monfils lab (CMU), but other plants are enjoyable too. I spent a short season documenting and surveying cave life in Missouri...absolutely fascinating creatures. Now I get to steward nature preserves with a local land conservancy and explore the biodiversity of northern Michigan.

I am looking for interested naturalists to join a community of natural resource consultants. I launched an organization called Rate My Land ( that aims to get more professional and motivated amateur biologists out onto private lands to help private landowners know the biodiversity that exists on their properties. Check out the site, contact me with any questions, and I hope you will choose to support my endeavor by becoming a Rate My Land consultant (it’s free!), or at least, in spreading the word about the website. Thank you!

Check out my journal posts for more information.
ratemyland at gmail dot com

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