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コナーグラハム Nearing 15,
Living in Marion County, Oregon, USA. I love natural sciences like geology and entomology, and collect insects (mainly beetles) and scorpions. When I actually have the time and energy, I also love to go fishing with friends and family. Currently my insect collection consists of around 3,500 specimens, but I don't have enough time to sit down and count them all, so the number is approximated. Currently I am raising and/or breeding over 27 different types of arthropods, not including my birds and mammals.

  • When it comes to entomology, I am almost fully self-taught, but have been finding many skilled entomologists, both professionals and hobbyists, who can help me go to the next level! Thanks to all of my mentors, and anyone who has assisted and taught me!
  • My primary interests are Carabidae, Elateridae, Vetch, and Amphibians, though I do have some experience with Willamette valley insects from before I was on iNat.
  • I will sometimes forget to check the localities when identifying observations, and please, do call me out on it, and I will probably change my ID.
  • Oftentimes, if one of my observations has multiple organisms shown in it, I will upload several observations with the same photo, but listed for each organism, so please do not mark them as a doublet/duplicate observation, thanks!
  • At this time, I am working on a handful of projects, such as my;
    Youth Incentive Award Island Biogeography Project
    [Connected to the YIA project listed above] - Carabidae of the Willamette River
    Tracking Ranges of Nebria brevicollis in North America
    As well as a mini project I am trying to complete before 2026, where I am attempting to record at least two of every species found at Bair Park.

  • You can find me on YouTube as carabid_47, but my videos are not high quality, and so far are mainly made to showcase the behavior of living arthropods.
  • If you have any questions, comments, simply want to converse, or otherwise, please feel free to send an email to me either through iNaturalist, or through

School has started up again for the year, but I will still be trying to make time every day to assist here on iNat!

Best regards from Oregon,

-Most children have a bug period, and I never grew out of mine.
— Edward O. Wilson

  • I stand with Ukraine and all whom support it, I hope for this to end soon on good terms--preferably somewhat peaceful ones.

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