David Muirhead

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Experienced amateur citizen scientist age 64,currently living in Normanville South Australia zip code 5204. Keen snorkeler and scuba diver without a shred of negativity.No biasses either, a rare specimen indeed!(Digressing,I'd almost lost interest in tropical diving.Been there done that, pretty boring after first few trips.The fish move but the drab stony corals dont.However a recent Ningaloo trip softened my stance somewhat. But still....) Ever dived a temperate algal rainforest ? There's no going back...it'll change you.(Also statistically a much greater risk of harm in tropics,with higher costs:cheap packages only tell half the story). I maintain a steadfast fascination with the grossly under-researched temperate rocky reefs of Southern Australia:The 'Great Southern Reef' is larger, contributes more to carbon fixation, and is more productive AND BIODIVERSE than any tropical reefs, including the GBR. 'Dive' and 'reefs' are almost synonymous at a community level ,so divers often bypass the 'full hand' of other marine benthic habitats that provide unparalleled opportunities here inThe Unique South.We have the planet's most diverse near-shore temperate marine habitat choices ,and many are suitable for shore access.From shallow embayments to crystal clear rock pools nestled beneath cliffs- deep pools which can be safely explored even while massive swells hammer the outer ramparts in spectacular fashion.From remote rocky headlands sporting splendid platform reefs to mangrove mudflats and vast seagrass meadows.Add in our surprisingly wide continental shelf with many offshore isles and BINGO! Shore snorkeling's such a buzz along so much of our thousands of km of accessible coastline Fair dinkum. Its increasingly recognised that Southern Australia has the world's best marine biodiversity and endemism. Go Figure...If our platypuses, roos, koalas echidnas,peak avian and botanical terrestrial diversity are any guide to what we've got in our temperate marine backyard,then the marine life frontier is right here.The proportion of species that are undiscovered, undescribed, or known only from 1-2 museum specimens beggars belief. Are you sad because we lack crocs and must pay for zoo pandas? I'm not. Life's ours for the making....eternity's waiting...☺

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