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I'm kinda biologist from origin (molecular biology), but never worked in the field.

Biodiversity, taxonomy and wildlife photography have my biggest interest.

I like to spot, photograph and identify all animals I encounter, especially in Africa.
Reasonably knowlegeable about mammals and African mammals in particular. Starting to catch up with birds. Reptiles and insects I'm just starting with, don't have much reference literature for that yet.

My website: Schaapmans' Wildlife Spotting, all my photos organized by the taxonomy (class, order, family, species) and their conservation status.
My blog: Schaapmans Travels in East Africa & Madagascar, a blog about wildlife spotting.

If you want to see (a section of) what I spotted in the wild, have a look at the taxonomy here.
Still have to add most sightings (with photos) to iNaturalist.

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