Dan Riley

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I'm a naturalist and professional biologist from Ontario, Canada. I became interested in the natural world at a young age, spurred on by encouragement from my parents who are both longtime Ontario birders. I was fortunate enough to travel frequently in my teens and early twenties, exploring the world with my family in pursuit of birds and any wildlife that we came across. My interests quickly expanded from birds, with reptiles, amphibians, mammals and butterflies all taking priority at different points in my life. I have recently become more interested in moths and other insects, particularly in Ontario. Ferns and their relatives have also become a recent fascination of mine and have been an excellent introduction to the world of botany. My favourite taxa are still birds and herps but these days I'll look for and photograph just about anything.

I work as a terrestrial biologist with Natural Resource Solutions Inc. an environmental consulting firm out of Waterloo, Ontario. I love to travel for wildlife and have spent a considerable amount of time in the neotropics, particularly in Costa Rica where I worked as wildlife guide for a brief stint between high school and university.

Please don't hesitate to correct my identifications, I am always happy to learn from the knowledge of others and the incredible amount of expertise here.

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