Bevan Buirchell

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My interests include all things botanical, love birding, regularly set up light sheets for exploring moths and other insects. I spend a lot of time in the desert regions of Western Australia so get to collect or observe some great unique animals and flora that other people will never come into contact with. To be happy go bush and camp among our cousins.........................

I have some expertise in identifying the plant genus Eremophila (not the bird), a genus restricted to Australia; having worked for many years as a plant breeder, working with several Lupinus species, I am familiar with most Lupinus species from Europe and Africa. Love the Australian Flora and am reasonable at identifying to the Genera level for plants from Western Australia.

My latest obsession, (because that's what it is), are the Moths of Western Australia. Over the last couple of years I have made massive gains in knowledge of moth species, mostly due to fellow members of the iNaturalist groups.

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