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My name is Frank Harmetzky, 51 Years old and married . I`m german but I life since 11 years in Amstetten in Lower Austria, close to the city of Amstetten. Maybe someone here know me from facebook. I determinate wildbees by photos in some european groups at facebook. In my freetime I`m part of two projects which try protect parts of the FFH Natura 2000-Reserve "Niederösterreichische Voralpenflüsse". The most of my pictures here on inaturalist are made at this little area on the river Ybbs. Since 6 years I`m focused to determinate wild bees and and all the other animals and plants in the Doislau.

My experience is:
Good photos from wildbees can determinate the species just in some cases safe, but a good oberservation of nesting and behavior can open new possiblies of determination for almost all wildbee species in the field.

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