Guerric Haché

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Hello! I'm Guerric (they/them), an avocational naturalist when I'm not working my jobs in video game design, animal care, and fiction writing.

While I don't have formal training in biology or ecology, I have a strong interest in biodiversity across space and evolutionary time, and I love learning.

My main interests are in smaller offshoots of large clades; taxa that feel under-represented in media and culture; and a mixed bag of groups that I've simply acquired some affection for over time. Check out my "Favorite Taxa" list to see what I'm into.

I'm always happy to chat about iNaturalist or biodiversity. I'm also open to collaborations with scientists and educators; I've assisted scientists with information and specimen collection, and I've provided on-site assistance to educators and filmmakers.

I make most of my observations with an Olympus TG-6, a Nikon P900, and my Pixel 7 Pro. I'm a novice scuba diver (Advanced Open Water), and I hope to continue making more underwater observations in the future. I have a SWIFT SW380B Binocular Compound Microscope, a UV flashlight, a set of night vision binoculars, and dip net equipment, all of which I still need to learn how to best integrate into my iNatting.

I'm also a bit of a cultivator. I maintain a few terraria of isopods and springtails; some planted freshwater tanks with fish and shrimp; house cats; and a variety of plants that I am trying to learn to grow indoors. My current garden is primarily focused on lycophytes, horsetails, butterworts, and ferns. If you have any tips for cultivating lycophytes in pots, please reach out - it's a real struggle!

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