Humber Arboretum

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This is an account for observations made during staff-led nature connection and educational programming at the Humber Arboretum in North Etobicoke (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). This includes sightings by Humber College students and local community members taking part in workshops, school groups visiting on field trips, plus campers and counsellors at the Humber Arboretum's Nature Camps. The account is managed by Arboretum staff (currently iNaturalist user @MarilynC with others contributing to uploads).

In the case of nature camp (which includes the Jr. Naturalists program for ages 12-13 and Nature Camp for ages 4-12) photos have often been taken by the campers themselves. Observations are recorded during scheduled nature photography sessions for younger campers and throughout the week by Jr. Naturalists. Most of those photos are taken with Nikon Coolpix S33 waterproof cameras in which case GPS is not available so all locations are approximate. Photos may have been cropped or otherwise edited by staff for clarity before posting.

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