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Born and raised in the suburbs of Portland, OR, my childhood exposure to nature was oddly enough largely derived from binging on wildlife T.V. programs—sprinkled with camping and fishing trips, of course! It was no surprise that I gravitated towards the biological sciences once the academic, and now professional, opportunities presented themselves.

Fast forward to the present and I am an early-career wildlife biologist/ecologist with a B.S. in biology from Pacific University and an M.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UCLA. Recently, my work has been geared towards species/habitat monitoring and environmental stewardship at the professional (e.g., Columbia Land Trust, USFWS, USFS) and volunteer (e.g., Audubon Society of Portland, Friends of Trees, Passport Oregon) capacities. On my "free time," I participate in community science (duh!), volunteer for local restoration events and wildlife monitoring, and play tennis.

Although my graduate thesis revolved around urban bird ecology, I am constantly fascinated by the diversity across all taxa and their natural histories. I obsessively enjoy learning and practicing my species ID skills from the iNaturalist community and also do my best to make my ID tips as accessible as possible by providing reference links, including common names if possible, defining technical terminology, etc. I look forward to continue discovering the amazing biodiversity in every nook and cranny!

Btw, here's my rustic photo setup: an iPhone 5s (lol), Canon PowerShot SX130IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera (when phone dies), and Wallfire 3-in-1 Cell Phone Lens (15x macro lens).

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