Jeremy Hussell

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I'm the son of two ornithologists and currently a software developer for Birds Canada (formerly Bird Studies Canada) in Ontario. I'm using iNaturalist to accelerate my learning. I mostly identify observations in north-eastern North America. I can't help ID observations outside North America due to lack of knowledge.

The observation I was making in my profile picture can be seen here. The observation which is my profile picture can be seen here.

If you're checking my profile to see what areas I know a lot about, to help you decide whether you agree with an ID I made or not: I'm much, much more interested in having my mistakes pointed out so I can learn from them than in getting instant agreement. If you don't have the resources and time right now to figure out how to tell the related species apart, just be patient and wait for a third person to add an ID. It's better to have an observation still needing another identification than to have a misidentified "Research Grade" observation.

If you feel the need to thank me, please do it in a comment, not by hitting the "Agree" button. Use of the "Agree" button to do that makes me feel sad, not happy. (I'm OK with no response, too. Really. It's better than a blind agreement.)

If my ID disagrees with yours, and you feel you don't know enough to confidently agree (or disagree) with my ID, then there are other things you can do, besides leaving the disagreement in place or agreeing with my ID: withdraw your ID, or only agree with the genus. On the website withdrawing your ID can be done in the menu opened by clicking the down-pointing arrow in the upper-right corner of your ID. This signals that you don't disagree while leaving the observation in the "Needs ID" category so another identifier will come along and confirm or correct my ID. I'm especially interested in the latter outcome, since I know I make mistakes sometimes and being corrected is the fastest way for me to learn. It's also better for scientists using iNaturalist data, since agreeing with an ID usually moves the observation to "Research Grade", where it won't get reviewed again.

I add basic identifications to a lot of observations in the "Unknown" category (though less often lately). Since a lot of those are photos of plants and fungi, and I don't know enough to identify most plants and fungi, something like half of my IDs are just "Flowering Plants (Phylum Magnoliophyta)" and "Fungi including Lichens (Kingdom Fungi)". Occasionally I find an animal I can actually identify, or an interestingly weird observation which I can't even assign to a kingdom. Here's a FAQ entry explaining why basic IDs are helpful. I strongly recommend you put the best ID you can manage on your observations right away, even if that's just "Plant", because by the time I get around to them they've likely fallen off the first few pages of things needing an ID. If you can get it down to order or family, that's even better. But don't stress too much if you can't ID it to species yourself: you can learn a lot from identifications by the iNaturalist community. I know I have!

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