James Steamer

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I began collecting butterflies, moths and insects at the age of six, spent most of my childhood roaming fields, swamps and forests around my northern Illinois residence and the Boston area where I lived as a teenager. Though the dream of becoming a professional scientist never was achieved (problems with math mostly) I have always passionately loved the natural sciences, astronomy, microbiology, etc., have kept a daily journal for 50+ years of over 6,400 pages, have over 43,000 photos at Shutterfly and regularly record the world with my camera. I am 57 years old as of 2015, married, one son, primarily work the stock market to earn a living and give shows of my photography and am now traveling the world over the next few years. Note that I am seeking partners to travel to remote countries to explore natural habitats and perhaps discover new species of life. You can find me on Facebook also.

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