Joseph MDO

Currently targeting areas near me that aren't well-represented on iNaturalist (especially local parks but also residential areas). My main goal is to fill these areas with the more common species of birds, plants, insects etc. to make it easier for anyone in the area to identify whatever they observe. Birds were the gateway species into my obsession with iNat and I hope peppering Miami-Dade County with observations will help anybody who is curious about nature to go out and explore!

I made a trailcam account. It's a work in progress as I try to figure out where to place it:

About me: Born & raised in Miami, Fl. I teach Italian & Portuguese at a high school and mostly get around on a bicycle.

Trying to make iNat a better tool:
--I make a conscious effort not to photograph any plants/trees that look like they might have been landscaped (even if they may have been planted 50 years ago, they didn't get there on their own...for example, the lined up oak trees at your local park). I also flag lots of observations as "not wild" since iNaturalist isn't meant to showcase cultivated plants or any sort of pets. Remember to flag any observations you see that aren't wild to help keep the search free of clutter (you can only do this on the website, not on the app on the phone!)

--I've also learned to crop my pictures... it makes for a much better experience for those that are trying to ID what you find and need to browse through many observations. It takes a little more time but improves the iNat experience for everyone :-D (sometimes it's good to include an uncropped pic in there too to show the environment or context of the image though!)

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