Mulberry Hill Wildlife

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I am currently doing naturalist work with Mulberry Hill Wildlife, a conservation organization located in Hazel Park, Michigan. I am involved in research and education, as well as maintaining the Certified Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Waystations here at MHW. I make observations and research what I encounter here and in my travels. The variety of life found here at the habitat and in every environment I explore never ceases to amaze me. The MHW habitat has become an oasis for wildlife, especially in a populated area such as this. We find growing diversity daily. It is rewarding and inspiring to notice how much of a difference it makes for wildlife to have places like this in the midst of cities and neighborhoods. Additionally, we want to help people learn about and gain an appreciation for Nature, and create natural places in the community through education, immersion, and more. I enjoy talking with others who appreciate nature and the deep connectivity which links us all.

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Have fun out there, everyone! :)

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