Michael Jacobi

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Field naturalist focused on rattlesnakes, other snakes, tarantulas and scorpions. Avid birder. Takes only photographs & memories; leaves only footprints, sweat & blood.

Instagram/Twitter: @jacobipix. WWW, blog, etc: mjacobi.com

RV-liver, traveler, blogger, author, wildlife photographer

Outside of the U.S., I've chased snakes & spiders in Mexico, Costa Rica, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Malaysia & Borneo, but I mostly look forward to continuing to explore the amazing southwestern USA with a focus on the Madrean Sky Islands. There is no country as bountiful in terms of fauna, flora & landscape as the United States. That said, currently looking forward to my third trip to Malaysia in January 2019 where I will visit the islands of Penang and Langkawi.


Caretaker/Host/Volunteer at Cave Creek Canyon Visitor Information Center in the Chiricahuas April through November 2018 and returning March through September 2019.
Interpretive field naturalist and bird & nature walk guide; hiking.

  • Author of Animal Planet's Tarantulas and numerous articles on tarantulas, reptiles & scorpions.
  • Co-author of Smith, A.M. & Jacobi, M.A. (2015). Revision of the genus Phormingochilus with the description of three new species from Sulawesi and Sarawak and notes on the placement of the genera Cyriopagopus, Lampropelma and Omothymus. Journal of the British Tarantula Society 30(3): 25-48.
  • Lecturer on tarantulas in the U.S., U.K. and Hungary.
  • Former author/webmaster of the now defunct "The World of Atheris" bush viper website.
  • Former author/webmaster of the now defunct "The Tarantula Bibliography" tarantula website.
  • Former editor & designer of the Journal of the British Tarantula Society.
  • Former publisher of ARACHNOCULTURE magazine
  • Retired breeder of exotic animals (esp. pythons, geckos, chameleons & tarantulas).
  • Retired pet industry veteran.
  • Retired firearms instructor.

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