Mick E. Talbot

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My name is Michael, however I prefer being called Mick, please no MIKE's..!!! I am retired, but I have always been a naturalist with an interest in all aspects of life on Earth.. Entomology became my main interest with the introduction of digital cameras. I think it is time I owned up to the fact that it is the macro photography of invertebrates that I invest all my free time in, which, I think gives me the right to call myself a, "Wild Life Photographer". My main interest in the field is Hemiptera, inclusive of all suborders. Getting, or should I say, finding ID's is to me one of the most frustrating aspects in all the fields of entomology. I do try, but finding so much controversy, I tend to defer to the experts of whom I am deeply indebted, and forever thankful.

Peace to all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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