Denis Doucet Curator

I currently work as a heritage interpreter / professional naturalist (aka "ranger") in a Canadian national park. I am an avid nature photographer, birder and semi-professional entomologist with an interest in many nature-related subjects.

I also serve as an editor on Bug Guide. Entomologically speaking, I am especially passionate about Odonata, Butterflies, Grasshoppers, Lady Beetles and some other groups of insects, although the number of groups I dive deeper into seems to grow every year (as it should, I guess) :) More recently I have spent a lot of time getting to know pollinator groups, especially Bumble Bees and Hover Flies (Syrphidae), but I have a lot of work to do there, for sure. My profile and links to my contributions on Bug Guide can be found at:

I have recently worked hard at getting all my historical bird records into eBird, as it is still a better platform for recording bird observations in general, so my bird records there will eventually be a better reflection of my efforts recording bird observations since I started way back in 1987. You can find that here:

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