Neil Frakes

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I recently moved back to Eastern Nevada, where I lived prior to iNaturalist. I'm excited to document species distributions in this rather under sampled yet incredibly diverse area that I will from now on call my home. I am a Geographer by training, and it is the distributions of plant species, and communities, that really pique my interest. I enjoy finding species on the edge of their range. I like to try to understand transition zones, especially the Mojave/Sonoran and the Mojave/Great Basin. I'm also very interested in understanding how invasive plants spread, and I appreciate the capacity of iNaturalist to assist with Early Detection, Rapid Response efforts. Check out the Joshua Tree Invasive Plant Patrol project for example. Having worked at Joshua Tree National Park for 5+ years, I am quite excited by both species of Joshua trees, and will be documenting their distribution on the northern edge of their range from here on out. I hold an M.A. in Geography from Colorado-Boulder (2005) and a B.A. in Geography and Environmental Studies from Macalester College (2002). I have worked as a Vegetation Biologist throughout Nevada, Northern California, and at Joshua Tree National Park.

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