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I am Swarochi, a high schooler who bunks classes to take photos of living things and give IDs on iNat.I go crazy when i see an odonate(as my username suggests) i love them.My previous username was physics-freak but i figured that name sucks so i switched. i also like critters and flying insects like butterflies,odonates and hover files. I am not very interested in birds and bigger animals like mammals as they get a lot of attention everywhere. i feel that they overshadow the beauty of critters and less popular stuff like odonata. that does not mean I hate them though i love everything that nature has to offer.

My profile photo was taken at Ananthagiri hills. It is one of the best places i have ever been to,other than pakhal lake.

if you live in telangana,reach out to me.I love to observe together :)

you can @mention me in observations of dragonflies and damselflies. I am good at IDing odonata and will try my best to help.
If any of my ids are wrong,please feel free to correct me as i am just an enthusiast and not an expert. I don't get affended by anything and I am here to learn :)

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I made Young Naturalists Community,a project to bring together all the young people under 21. you can join it if you are one of the Young Naturalists.We also have a Discord server for the project members. If you have joined the project,please do ask me or any admin to send a discord invite :)

If you are from india, do consider joining iNat India whatsapp group

I am the Physics Freak on YouTube,but don't go by my name! I like science in general.

iNat community needs your help to identify our god,Gerald

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