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As a Naturalist his first workplace in 2007 was at “Sariska Tiger Reserve”. After a hands bit of experience decided to move Ranthambore, from 2008 till 2010 and was associated with “Tiger Moon Resort”. First ever tiger sighting encouraged him that MP is foremost and best state for Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Then lately he got himself recognized so well that got referred by one of the friend in Tuli Resort at Kanha Tiger Reserve as they also have presence in Pench so got posted their in 2010. After Learning and experience for 2 years at Tuli Resort in Pench his confidence towards Tiger movement got added to his profession.

To gather more information and knowledge about other specious, birds he decided to move Kutch Gujarat for few months, but still back of the mind he was missing “Tiger Reserve” of MP. Realization happens only when we are away from the place or the thing we always want to be!!!! This is what happened with him and so decided back to move in Tiger Reserve but at different location at Tuli Resort in Kanha Tiger Reserve for two years up to 2014.

In October 2014 Pench Tuli Resort required experience Naturalist so he got trasfered from Kanha to Pench Tuli Resort.
A happiest moment for Omi “Pench Tiger Reserve“is one of the best forest , pleasant and indeed beautiful place to work. In earlier stages it was lack of acceptance by localities but gradually we both won our hearts and now we all are like one family.
Omi has his own identity now in Pench hence most of the photographers know him by known naturalist. Most of the guest from different locations of India expects him to be their guide. Some Miracle to get drive so that he can be naturalist to the entire guest list willing to be with him!!!

As one of his likely passion he has written articles about Pench Tiger Reserve and the habitual of Tigers which have been published in many of the local newspapers or on the well-known website.

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